NIH commissions local artists to create traffic box displays


The National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program has commissioned three local artists – Allison DeFatta, Nelly Gonzalez, and Simone McCrocklin — to create designs that reflect the importance of diversity in health research and databases.

The program’s goal is to engage communities that have been historically underrepresented in medical research through powerful imagery. All of Us is inviting one million or more people to help build one of the most diverse health databases of its kind and advance precision medicine.

The designed traffic boxes are equipped with QR codes that when scanned, unfold an educational, augmented reality experience about All of Us. These boxes help increase awareness of the research program, gain partners, and recruit participants. The talented artists are incorporating their unique stories and experiences to reach the communities that need representation the most.

The traffic box art displays – launching Thursday, May 4 – will be at the 600 block of Barksdale Boulevard in Bossier City.

For information on the All of Us Research Program, visit