Fulghum Brothers, Part 2: The receiver

By LEE BRECHEEN, Louisiana Football Magazine

This is the second part of my interview with the Fulghum Brothers of Evangel Christian.

Today we continue with wide receiver Parker Fulghum, who is quietly one of the best WRs in the United States as a junior and, like his twin brother, quarterback Peyton, is in the Class of 2024.

Parker had 77 catches for 1,325 yards in 2021 in just 11 games and was Class 4A All-State. I hope everyone will take this in – he had 77 catches in 11 games his sophomore year.

What I like about him is his toughness and commitment to catching the ball and running good routes. By the time he is done playing high school football, he might own all the high school records in catches and yards and has a chance to be as polished as any wide receiver in Louisiana and beyond.

His dad, former LSU quarterback Josh Booty, had this to say about his son Parker.

“Natural athlete, fluid movements, sneaky fast because he runs smooth for a 200-pound kid,” said Booty. “Has a lot of grabs and yardage for a junior in class because he has been the best player offensively on the team since his freshman season. Most productive player Evangel Christian has had since quarterback Blake Shapen (Baylor) and will play on Saturdays.

“His hands are amazing and he has a knack for high pointing balls successfully when going up versus defenders. Would like to see him play defense some; he could be an amazing safety too I believe, but he stars at wide receiver for a reason. He continues to grow and get better at the little things. Proud as heck of him. He is an all-around great person and kid and leader amongst his peers. When I come to games, it’s only a matter of time before he makes a highlight play. Fun to watch.”

Parker reminds me of NFL wide receiver Adam Thielen for the Minnesota Vikings; he has that type of game.

“It’s a really cool thing to have almost your whole family playing some type of sport at such a high level,” said Fulghum. “My dad played at LSU after playing in MLB for the Florida Marlins. He then went on to other teams (Browns, Seahawks and Raiders). My mom was a Golden Girl for LSU for the 1997 and 1998 seasons. She then went on to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader for the 1999-2000 seasons.

“Me and my brother Peyton are twins and he and I are built-in best friends; we’ve grown up so close, nothing could break our bond.

“I think as a football team this year we are ready to make a run for the Dome. This year has been super promising and if we can fix a few little things, I know we can make it happen. If not this year, then the next.

“I think me and Peyton playing together since our freshman year has helped us out a ton. A lot of the kids we play against are first-year starters, and the speed of the game is just different than anything else. We’ve gotten the experience; even when it was hard as a freshman, we learned how to get after it and compete.

“What I like most about football is going out there and trying to make the guy across from me look like an idiot. Then telling him he did a good job after I score a touchdown. It’s the competition factor for me. I don’t like to lose and I compete.

“We have a team that is a special group and can be for the next two years. We have so many guys who are going to get the opportunity to play at the next level, but for know, we’re focused on the Dome.

“I would like to mention my current wide receiver coach Hayden Jennings (former Evangel Christian all-district wide receiver). Coach Jennings, he’s done a really great job getting our guys to buy in this year. He’s a younger guy and really related to all of us in some way. He keeps us in check and we love having him for the first time this year. He is also the outfield coach on the baseball team and got drafted out of high school in the sixth round to the Washington Nationals organization.

“My family is a big part of my life. John David Booty, my uncle, USC QB and Uncle Abram Booty, LSU, they’ve been an awesome part of our life. Abram is a great help to me as a wide receiver and has taught me a ton about the position.

“General Booty, quarterback for Oklahoma, is my cousin. I can’t wait to see what he does in the next few years and maybe join him sometime down the line, who knows.

“Like my brother Peyton said, we have two grandpas who were both incredible athletes in high school and college. My mom’s dad, we call him Paps, was an all-city running back and played three sports in high school for Bossier, and my other grandpa on my dad’s side, John Booty, played quarterback for Woodlawn in Shreveport and went on to play for both Arkansas and Mississippi State.

“I want to thank my mom. She is such a strong woman and has helped me have the character I have today. And Pastor Denny (Duron) has had a tremendous impact on me. He really cares about everything. Because everything is about everything. And he has helped me to stay focused on the little things in every way.”

Fulghum is currently 6-1, 185, and has 28 catches for 450 yards in five games this season.

He loves USC and likes Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.

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