Bossier Elementary deemed all clear after bomb threat

Bossier Elementary Deemed All Clear after Bomb Threat

Bossier Elementary has been given the all-clear to resume normal operations following a bomb threat received by Bossier City Police Department Dispatch. Upon receiving information of the threat, the school administration and School Resource Officer (SRO) were immediately contacted, and the campus was promptly placed on lockdown.

First responders from the Bossier City Police Department, Bossier City Fire Department, and the Bossier Sheriff’s Office promptly arrived at the campus to conduct a thorough investigation and search for any suspicious items. After an extensive search, the campus was declared safe, allowing normal school activities to resume.

The bomb threat originated from a crisis hotline located in another region of the country. This incident bears resemblance to similar calls that schools in Bossier Parish have received in recent years, which were ultimately determined to be hoaxes.

The Bossier Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with other local law enforcement agencies and Bossier Schools, takes these threats extremely seriously. We are committed to thoroughly investigating any and all threats to ensure the safety of our children. The investigation into the origin of the information that led to today’s law enforcement and fire response will continue.

The swift and coordinated response by the Bossier City Fire Department, Bossier City Police Department, and the Bossier Sheriff’s Office ensured the safety of the staff and students at Bossier Elementary. We remain vigilant in our commitment to protecting our students and will not tolerate any threats to their well-being.