Byrd’s Murray another high-level local kicker 

By LEE BRECHEEN, Louisiana Football Magazine

My first article in this week’s series featuring local kickers focused on junior Aeron Burrell (Parkway), who some think might be the best young kicker in the country, and is a prime Class of 2024 national recruit.

Today we feature another great kicker, C.E Byrd’s Abram Murray, who some believe is one of the best kickers in the country. He is also as good as it gets in the Class of 2024. Yes, he’s also just a junior.

I saw Murray in warmups before a game very early in his career and was super impressed with his leg strength. That’s going back three years when he was at Calvary, before he transferred to Byrd.

I spoke this week with area kicking guru Marty Kent, a former all-conference kicker for Louisiana Tech, and he thinks Murray is a special national recruit.

“Abram, like Aeron Burrell, is one of the most talented kickers I have seen at the high school level, and it’s scary how good he can be in college,” said Kent. “He has a tremendous future ahead of him.”

I talked to Murray and he answered some questions about his future, schools he likes, and many other points.

“Mr. Brecheen, I really would say my favorite things about playing football are the competition and being a part of a team,” Murray said. “I have so many great relationships from competing and playing with others over the years.

“My strengths right now as a kicker are accuracy, distance, and the craft of kicking,” he said. “Understanding that kicking is so much more than kicking the ball hard as you can at the uprights is lost on most kickers, especially those with stronger legs. There is a craft to kicking that takes years to develop, and I continually work to get better.”

Murray’s thoughts on playing at Byrd:

“My head coach is Stacy Bellew and my special teams coach is coach Jason Pope. Both have been very supportive of me as a player and my craft. I’m thankful for all they do for our Byrd football family and the trust they have in my kicking. They have gone out of their way to support me, such as opening the field for my extra kicking work, developing plays specific to my special teams contributions, and scheduling special teams work to optimize my leg recovery before a game. I could not ask for better coaches on our Byrd staff.”

Murray has a vast interest in many colleges and universities.

“I grew up in Texas, and having family from Louisiana, we watched a lot of Texas football, such as TCU, Baylor, UT and A&M, and a lot of SEC football, including Arkansas, LSU and Ole Miss, which all were in my ‘favorites’ list. I was also drawn to Oregon, Miami, Notre Dame, and Ohio State to name a few. So thankful to have offers to play football from so many of my favorite teams. I am currently committed to the University of Miami.

“The season so far has gone well (Byrd is 4-0) and we continue to improve. We have the potential to go deep in the playoffs and have a shot at the state title,” he said. “Our students and fans are the best as well, so I hope to make them proud for supporting us when I get the opportunity.

“My longest field goal I’ve had this season was a 49-yarder against our area rival Captain Shreve. Although you will not hear me on the sidelines after these kicks yelling about being great or ‘look at what I’ve done,’ or boasting on social media, I am always thankful to make a difference for my team and proud of the work I’ve put in to do it. Long field goals are exciting, but character and the greater good, the team, are more important.”

Notes on Abram Murray:

“Both my brothers, Asher, 14, and Thomas, 19, play football and kick as well,” Murray said. “My dad was very athletic in high school and my younger sister grew up in Dallas-Fort Worth playing every sport we could pick up or organize.”

Murray has a 4.7 GPA. “I would like to major in pre-med in college, then attend medical school,” he said. “I hope one day be an orthopedic surgeon and make a difference in the lives of others while being around athletics.”

His hobbies are playing other sports, like golf, tennis, and basketball. “I’m more of an active and outdoors person. I played Development Academy Soccer (attacking midfielder) in Dallas, but these days it is just for fun with my siblings and friends.”

As you can tell, kicking is far from the only area where Murray is exceptional.

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