Holley, Greene late bloomers on Gators’ defensive line

By LEE BRECHEEN, Louisiana Football Magazine

Captain Shreve’s Aaron Holley and Terrence Greene are both late bloomers and both play defensive line for the Gators. I think they’ll catch the eyes of college recruiters this fall in their senior seasons.

Holley is a tall, long kid who came onto the scene in 2021 when he started for the first time; he finished with four sacks, 22 solo tackles and 30 total tackles on the season. He is 6-3 and 230 lean pounds with the ability to keep adding good weight in the future to be in the 6-3, 250 range in college and still be lean and still be able to run well. Holley should get a chance to go FCS or maybe even FBS in the end when it’s all said and done.

Then there’s talented senior Greene, who will be playing for the first time as a part-time starter because of the depth of the defensive line. He can run a legit 4.69 40 to a 4.7 with great football speed on the field. Greene is a legit 6-2, weighing anywhere from 220 to 225 come September for football season. He is a strong kid, too, and has the feet to become a big-time pass rusher for the program; with a great senior season, he’ll open a lot of college coaches’ eyes on the FCS or Division II level. Depending on how the season goes, he might attract some FBS schools.

Defensive line coach Greg Baswell likes Holley’s versatility.

“Aaron has one of the strongest work ethics and mindsets on our team. He never quits, wants to be coached hard, and commands a tremendous amount of respect from his teammates,” said Baswell. “Aaron creates utility for us by having the body type and intelligence to play off the edge for us as well as an interior position. Aaron loves the weight room and has put on a solid 15 pounds of muscle this offseason. He started every game last season, and I look for Aaron to have a great season this year as one of our team leaders.”

Holley’s thoughts on what football has done for him:

“Personally, I love the brotherhood of the sport; you’re never alone, and as a team you can only succeed as much as you’re willing to work together,” said Holley. “Football has been one of the biggest parts in making me into the person I am today. It’s taught me leadership but also that life is hard; there is no other way to get what you want than to work harder than everyone around you.”

Coach Baswell notes that Greene had a great spring.

“Terrence might be one of the best pure pass rushers in the area that no one knows about. Terrence has great hands and footwork and can challenge any offensive lineman at the point of attack,” said Baswell. “A very focused young man who had the best spring of any player on our defense. He made our staff take notice every day at practice and had an incredible spring game. Terrence is a very technically proficient player with a sneaky amount of athleticism. Offenses will have to slide protections based on his ability to rush the passer in 2022.”

Greene enjoys the challenges football brings.

“I like football a lot, but I think what makes it so much to love is the grind and the struggle that no one sees, and for those things to come into the light on a Friday night makes it so much better. Especially with a win to add to the record for the team.”

Notes on Aaron Holley: He has a 3.8 GPA and ACT of 23.

His comments on his top schools: “I like Baylor; not only do they have an excellent football program, but also academically they are one of the best in Texas. I have talked to plenty of other coaches and we will see what happens in 2022 after I ball out one more year for Shreve.

“I love the weight room. My dad inspired me early on, and I have strived to be the strongest I can be.”

Notes on Terrence Greene:  Greene on his hobbies: “I like to listen to music, work out, and talk to my family. Also, I have two jobs that keep me busy.”

He wants to major in mechanical and or technical engineering.

His top colleges include Louisiana Tech, Texas A&M, Oregon and Auburn. “I love Louisiana Tech because they have a great engineering program. I like Texas A&M because they have good football and an even better engineering program. As far as Oregon goes, I like the football team and their jersey colors. I like Auburn because as a kid, that was the first college team I watched, and to see them return that missed field goal a few years ago was amazing against (Alabama).”

Family and sports: “All my family actually played sports from basketball to football in high school, and I had an uncle who went semi-pro in the state. I am also from Brooklyn, New York, raised by my mom, and everything I do is for her since she blessed me with so much by herself.”

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