Revisiting Super Bowls, sites unseen

I may not know the score or even who won, but I’m a one-percenter on The List of People Who (Without Looking It Up) Can Tell You Every Super Bowl Site.

I have to know the teams involved — the Super Bowl number won’t help. It also helps A) to have them in order so I can go through my mind’s roadmap, and B) to have some obscure memory that fires off a synapse to help me remember (noted below in parenthesis).

And so … a total stream of consciousness look at Super Bowl Site History.

The first few Super Bowls are easy — Los Angeles Coliseum, Miami-Orange Bowl, Miami again, New Orleans (Tulane), Miami-Orange Bowl. Ten years after I’m dead, I’ll still know these.

All the ones involving the Terry Bradshaw-led Steelers — they beat the Cowboys in Miami both times, the Vikings at Tulane Stadium and the Rams at the Rose Bowl (NOT the Coliseum).

The Dolphins beat the Redskins (Garo Yepremian game) and the Vikings, both at the Coliseum (Willie Brown interception game).

The Cowboys beat the Dolphins at Tulane Stadium for their first Super Bowl win and the Broncos for their second — Superdome.

Speaking of the Cowboys, the ones in the 1990s were Rose Bowl vs. Buffalo (Leon Lett game), Tempe (vs. Pittsburgh) and Atlanta vs. Buffalo (Mark Washington game).

Buffalo also lost to Washington in Minneapolis (Art Monk back-of-the-end-zone game) and Washington beat the Broncos in San Diego (Doug Williams game).

A few 49ers while I’m thinking about it — Silverdome vs. Cincinnati (first SB in the North), Superdome vs. Broncos (I turned down an opportunity to cover that it), Miami vs. Cincinnati (John Candy game), Miami vs. San Diego (Steve Young demolition game), Superdome vs. Baltimore (lights out game).

The Giants beat the Broncos at the Rose Bowl (Phil Simms game), then beat the Broncos in Tampa (Whitney Houston game), also the site of the Redskins getting blown out by the Raiders (Marcus Allen game). The Raiders beat the Eagles at the Superdome (Kenny King game).

Baltimore beat Carolina in Houston (Jake Delhomme’s parents didn’t have far to travel); the New England comeback over the Falcons was also in Houston. The Dolphins beat the Vikings in Houston (Larry Csonka game) — but it was at Rice Stadium.

Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl was at the Superdome (vs. the Rams, I didn’t watch a play) and the Rams beat the Titans at the Georgia Dome (1-yard-to-go game).

The Saints beat the Colts in Miami (was supposed to be at the Superdome) and the Colts beat the Bears in Miami (rain game).

The two Eli Manning wins over the Patriots — one was in Glendale (David Tyree game) and the other (Mario Manningham game) … I think it was Indianapolis. (ED’S NOTE: Correct.)

The Packers won in the Superdome over the Patriots, as did the ’85 Bears over the Broncos. The Broncos beat the Packers in San Diego (John Elway helicopter game). The Packers beat Pittsburgh in JerryWorld (as they were adding seats 30 minutes before kickoff).

The Steelers beat the Seahawks in Ford Field-Detroit (bad refereeing game) and the Cardinals in Tampa (Santonio Holmes catch game).

The Falcons lost to Denver in Miami (Eugene Robinson got arrested/hooker game), and the Eagles lost to the Patriots in Jacksonville (Donovan McNabb vomit game).

This is where I get a little hazy. The Eagles beat the Patriots, probably in Minneapolis (the Philly Special game); I think the Patriots beat the Seahawks in Glendale (the Malcolm Butler game) and the Seahawks crushed the Broncos in East Rutherford (I-wish-it-had-snowed game). (ED’s NOTE: He’s right.)

I know the Broncos beat the Panthers in Santa Clara (50th anniversary game).

Two years ago, Kansas City beat San Francisco; I’m guessing it was in Tampa (I have minimal recollection). (ED’S NOTE: Oops. In Miami.) Pretty sure the Patriots beat the Rams in that awful 13-3 game in Atlanta (Mercedes Benz Stadium). Last year is easy: the Bucs won at home vs. Kansas City, but also lost to Oakland in San Diego (2003).

That’s not all of them, only all I could remember. After further review, I think I got all of them correct.

Sad, isn’t it? (ED’S NOTE: Very!)