Lang’s Locks: Super Bowl prop bets

By ROY LANG III, Journal Sports

Sports betting got started in Louisiana just in time for the Super Bowl.

Lang’s Locks makes a special appearance for the Big Game.

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All bets are measured in units. For instance, if your normal bet on a game is $100, that is one unit. If the bet is listed as .2 units, it’s a $20 bet.

Best line (as of Thursday) is listed in parenthesis. Find the best price, one key to being a successful sports bettor! Shop around!

Sportsbook legend

CAE: Caesar’s
FD: Fan Duel
DK: DraftKings
BS: Barstool


Coin Toss: Tails never fails

Player props (.1 units on all)

Over Stafford 1.5 touchdown passes (CAE)
Over Stafford .5 interceptions (MGM)
Over Burrow .5 interceptions (CAE)
Over Stafford 279.5 passing yards (BS)
Over Akers receiving yards 15.5 (FD)
Over Mixon receiving yards 24.5 (BS)
Over OBJ receiving yards 62.5 (BS)
Over receptions Van Jefferson 2.5 (BS)
Over Akers receptions 2.5 (BS)
Under Stafford rushing yards 5.5 (BS)
Over Akers rushing yards 63.5 (BS)
Under Burrow rushing yards 11.5 (BS)

First TD scorer

Trent Taylor +15000 (MGM)

Anytime TD scorer

Akers +128 (BS)
OBJ +140 (FD)
Higgins +175 (FD)
Trent Taylor +2800 (BS)