SHREVEPORT, LA – Shreve Memorial Library’s collection of online, digital resources that make up the library’s e-branch offers users a wide variety of entertainment, learning and now business tools accessible from anywhere at any time. Through the e-branch, one can do research, get homework help, download and stream and e-books and audiobooks, find new hobbies, and learn new languages. Recently, Shreve Memorial Library added a new category to its e-branch, titled “Business Resources,” which features online resources such as Value Line, Launch Network, and the Small Business Reference Center.

Value Line is a great resource for the latest, up-to-date information on investments and finance perfect for beginning and experienced investors. Value Line provides reliable, unbiased information with accurate and insightful investment research on companies, industries, markets and economies. Value Line delivers data of financial measures, including historical data, current estimates, and projections, for over 6,000 stocks, 18,000 mutual funds, 200,000 options, and other securities. Library patrons can use Value Line’s sophisticated, flexible tools to understand statistical analyses, investment trends, comparisons, projections and insightful commentaries, and learn to fine-tune their investment strategies and insights with Value Line’s performance-tested ranks and ratings.

Additionally, library users can find more investment, financial information, and business resources through the Louisiana State Library database, also available through the Shreve Memorial Library e-branch. The Louisiana State Library Databases includes resources such as the Business Searching Interface, an easy way to browse and search economic data, company profiles, industry information and market research, and the Small Business Reference Center for up to date information on relevant topics for starting a business, operations management, sales, and growing and rescuing a business.

Those looking to start their own business may be interested in checking out the Launch Network, a free online service that connects business owners with local organizations, tools and resources, creating partnerships that grow communities. The Launch Network provides an online resource navigator and telephone helpline that help business owners find the right contact for needed services, as well as an events calendar with local small business activities and a blog with stories and tips for starting a new business.

About Shreve Memorial Library

Shreve Memorial Library transforms Caddo Parish lives with resources, services and support to create a better world. Focusing on service priority areas of creating and maintaining young readers, stimulating imagination, providing lifelong learning, information fluency, and ready references, and informing citizens, Shreve Memorial Library’s 21-branch system is maintained by a parish-wide property tax millage to support the informational, educational and recreational needs of its constituents.