Discover the most amazing tacos at Ki’ Mexico, and so much more!

Price: $1.87 – $12.84

The absolute best Mexican soul food. That’s all there is to say about Ki’ Mexico. Well, not all. There’s a whole lot to say about the AMAZING food, and it’s all good!

The restaurant’s Facebook page states, “The most original and amazing tacos that you can taste, crafted beautifully with love. You won’t taste anything like our tacos and food!”

This is the absolute truth!

Let’s start with a refreshing hibiscus tea. This rich drink isn’t the usual Southern sweet tea you may be used to, so try a sample before ordering the whole glass, or try getting it mixed with some water or lemonade for a more mellow beverage. It’s delicious and totally worth it.

If the soup of the day is shrimp and mushroom, try it! The saturated flavor makes this a great appetizer to get your meal started. But don’t worry. There’s plenty of other specials, so just ask your waiter for recommendations.

Other menu items include the Guacamole show, Elote, Salmon tostada, seasonal salads, Tortugas (Mexican sandwiches) and more.

Let’s get to the main course. TACOS! These savory handfuls are priced individually so you can create your own taco plate with different meats and flavor profiles. This is perfect if you want to try everything. There’s also the option of mild, medium or spicy, so everyone can enjoy their tacos exactly how they like them.

Let’s talk about brunch! On Sundays, brunch consists of all the regular menu tacos, plus Barbacoa de Villa featuring Smith Family Farms lamb. These three tacos are slow roasted overnight and then served on corn tortillas with a choice of salsas, cilantro and onions and a cup of consume soup.

The Molletes features two toasted bolillo slices (Mexican baguette) with black beans and a melted cheese, topped with two fried eggs and choice of Chorizo or Silvestre.

The final brunch menu item is the Sopes, three house made crunchy, gooey tortillas with black beans, topped with chicken Tinga, potato and chorizo and nopales.

For the kiddos there’s a wonderful selection of quesadillas. A picky eater sitting at the table ordered the Poblano (chicken) quesadilla and was skeptical when it was delivered with bits of corn and “black stuff” mixed in with the meat and cheese.

But don’t worry! This picky eater scarfed the quesadilla down. The mixture was a type of salsa with corn and mushrooms. Totally worth being adventurous and finding something new to eat. The score was an overwhelming 10 out of 10!

The best is yet to come! For dessert, try the Flan Espacial. This features lavender and lemon flan, blueberry, coconut, and purple basil ice cream; black sesame seed and honey ice cream; and matcha and lime ganache with burnt tortilla milk crumbs. Discover new flavors in Chef Elea’s Magic Flans.

P.S. They serve Salsas by the Jar, so grab some locally made Pacifico with roasted tomatillos and jalapeños or the Yucatan with pickled red onions and habaneros, among others.

Ki’ Mexico is located at 3839 Gilbert Drive in Shreveport. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Thursday from 11 am – 9 pm, Friday and Saturday from 11 am – 10 pm and Sundays for brunch from 10:30 am – 3 pm.

3839 Gilbert Drive
Shreveport, Louisiana
Tuesday -Thursday; 11a-9p
Friday & Saturday; 11a-10p
Sunday Brunch; 10:30a-3p