What’s that you’re watching?


Television is such an influential part of our lives. The shows we watched when we were young still are fondly remembered, and some continue to impact who we are.

The shows we watch today also play a role in defining us.

But surely, local high school head football coaches are watching game and practice tape, not TV, this fall, right?

Not necessarily 100 percent of the time. There’s football, there’s family, and other responsibilities at school and home. But sometimes there is a chance to escape to the remote control and channel surf. (Not everybody has total control of the remote at home!)

Today’s Shreveport-Bossier Journal Coaches Roundtable question: What were your favorite TV shows growing up, in high school, and/or nowadays?

MIKE GREENE, Loyola – “I loved a show called the White Shadow! It was about a basketball coach who went to an inner city school to coach, and all the issues the players had! Also loved the Rat Patrol, a World War II show showing the North Africa campaign.

“I never missed the Munsters and Gilligan’s Island, and Andy Griffith.”

JASON BROTHERTON, Haughton – “I’m slightly embarrassed to say this, but I loved Beverly Hills 90210 in high school. I really don’t watch much TV now, other than sports. I do like all of the NCIS shows, though.”

JUSTIN SCOGIN, Airline – “I really didn’t watch much other than sports when I was in high school, but If I had to pick one, I would have to say Beverly Hills 90210 because it hit all the aspects of high school and college, and after. Of course, everyone my age also watched Saved by the Bell. Those were the two that I guess kind of paralleled where I was in my life.”

REYNOLDS MOORE, Benton – “In high school, I was a big Seinfeld fan. Still love it. When we went to New York City in the spring, one of the things my daughters and I insisted on was eating soup from ‘The Soup Nazi.’ They had the lobster bisque of course. (It was great soup!)

“Now my wife and I are into SWAT. We just finished the sixth season on Netflix.”

THEDRICK HARRIS, Woodlawn – “No brainer. Sanford and Son. My late father and I watched it together religiously from the time I was a child until his passing. We would laugh and talk openly about the issues the show dealt with; life in general.

“All of the Norman Lear (screenwriter, producer) shows made you laugh and made you think.”

RODNEY GUIN, Calvary – “Growing up, Sanford and Son. Just thought Redd Foxx was always hilarious.

“Today it’s Shark Tank. It’s interesting to see what people think of to make money.”

AUSTIN BROWN, Northwood – “The Office! Comedic genius — the writing and acting is perfection.”

JAMES BRADFORD JR., Green Oaks – “Seems like high school was sooo long ago … but I definitely remember Monday Night Nitro, Family Matters, the Jamie Foxx Show, Real World/Road Rules, and Jerry Springer as some that come to mind. All those brought different aspects of life to the table.

“Nowadays when I find the time it would have to be All-American, Power, or whatever my wife is binge watching on Netflix. These shows are highly relatable to real life.”

ADAM KIRBY, Captain Shreve – “I’m a big HBO guy so my favorite shows are all from that network. True Detective (only seasons 1 and 3), The Sopranos and Entourage. I contemplated being a police detective when I was younger, I’ve always been fascinated with the mafia, and Entourage is just a fun show to follow.

“I also like the coaching documentaries that ESPN does with E60 and SEC Storied.”

GARY COOPER, Booker T. Washington – “My favorite TV shows while in high school were Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Martin. Even though they were comedy series, they were full of everyday life situations. The story lines and scenarios were definitely relatable.

“Favorite TV show today? I really don’t have one. I’ve found myself caught up in a few shows like Yellowstone and the Power series.”

STEPHEN DENNIS, Huntington – “Favorite shows in high school: I was a big TGIF guy. I loved all of those shows that came on Friday night. I don’t know if that’s timed up with my high school career but I loved all of those shows that came on then. And you can’t leave out Boy Meets World. I think any of us that’s under 40 learned multiple life lessons from that show.

“Shows I watch now with three kids at home are few and far between, but I like Ted Lasso, I enjoyed The Walking Dead, and Yellowstone.”