Local prep coaches share their college football teams to watch


Coaches study other teams each week devising game plans. They also look elsewhere for inspiration.

And entertainment.

When it comes to watching college football, local high school coaches watch as a form of continuing education. They see concepts and plays that could fit into their team’s future, and often put them to use.

But it’s not just a schematic thing. There are alma maters, personal relationships, former players to cheer on, and pure pride in the home state’s flagship football program – all factors in this week’s Shreveport-Bossier Journal Coaches Roundtable answers.

The question: What college football teams do you watch?

Coy Brotherton, Parkway – “I love college football. Georgia is my favorite team. First game I remember going to was the 1991 Indy Bowl when Georgia beat Arkansas. I’ve been a fan ever since. (Thank God Arkansas lost that game!)

“I’m a big Rice fan this year because Geron Hargon plays there and I’m a fan of his. I keep up with LSU and Louisiana Tech because of the local players and local fans.  I’m an alum of Northwestern State.”

Thedrick Harris, Woodlawn – “Louisiana Tech: my alma mater. Colorado: absolutely love what Prime is doing.  Georgia: defensive scheme and play is off the charts.

“Penn State: Always solid and old school. Grambling: near and dear to my family. Wisconsin and Ohio State: OL/DL play.” 

Austin Brown, Northwood – “1, Any school my former players play for.  2, Oklahoma, and 3, Oklahoma State, my home state schools, and I respect both head coaches. 4, Baylor, because I have friends on the staff. 5, LSU, the passion of the fan base has won me over.”

Stephen Dennis, Huntington – “LSU, because it’s LSU and I’ve lived in Louisiana my whole life. Louisiana Tech: I like what Sonny (Cumbie) is doing there. He is recruiting Shreveport well, plus two of our former players are there.

“Michigan: I’ve always been a fan of (Jim) Harbaugh. North Carolina: I’ve always loved Mack Brown and how he coaches.” 

Clint Walker, Plain Dealing — “LSU: it’s the epitome for football in our state – usually. Texas A&M: I have a family friend that coached down there for a long time. They retired and also, I have had the opportunity to coach a couple of kids that got scholarships there for football.

“Northwestern (State): it’s where I graduated from. SAU (Southern Arkansas): “lots of local kids go there. It’s fun to go watch those games and see the smaller schools play. I’ve always enjoyed going to watch them, especially being so close by.” 

Justin Scogin, Airline – “Georgia, because they play a lot with a tight end. USC. I’m a big Lincoln Riley fan and now since they have Tackett Curtis (from Many), it makes it more fun.

“Army/Navy/Air Force, because they are so unique. LSU is my alma mater. LCU (Louisiana Christian). The guy I look up to most in my profession calls the offense (David Feaster) and I like to see how colleges play his stuff.”

Mike Greene, Loyola – “I love watching any of the academies. They play hard and are not worried about getting in the portal or NIL money. Maybe the last of the pure amateur programs.”

Adam Kirby, Captain Shreve – ”LSU. I have four friends on their staff so it’s always fun to go down there, hang out and talk ball. Great guys who are very knowledgeable and open to share things with me as a young coach.

“Arkansas. I love the fact that Sam Pittman is an offensive line guy who got his chance to run a program. Hopefully because of this, it will open more doors for OL coaches. 

“Texas. I love what Sark does on offense so I’m always trying to study them and pick up an idea here or there.  Tennessee. I love what they do with their tempo packages and their RPO’s so when they’re on, I’m usually tuned in.

“USC. Lincoln Riley is an offensive genius when it comes to creating mismatches for defenses so I’m always trying to study his stuff and pick up one or two things.”  

Reynolds Moore, Benton – ”Ole Miss. I’ve been a fan my whole life and it’s my alma mater. Plus, who doesn’t love watching Kiffin?? Alabama now that one of my daughters is in school there and I also love watching Saban because he’s so competitive and detail oriented.

“I’ll probably try and catch Colorado now just to see if they can sustain this start they’re off to. Auburn, because I always enjoy watching Hugh Freeze-coached teams. I think he’s as innovative as anyone else out there.” 

Gary Cooper, Booker T. Washington – “1, Florida State, I’m a big fan, have been since the days of Charlie Ward. 2, LSU, our state’s major national championship contender with a lot of our in state kids on the team.

“3, Texas, because I love to watch Steve Sarkisian’s offense. 4, THE Grambling State University. I had the honor and privilege to wear the black and gold and be a part of that historic university.” 

Gary Smith, Bossier – “LSU, Georgia, UL Lafayette, Louisiana Tech and Centenary. I’m from Louisiana, so of course LSU. I coached Georgia’s co-defensive coordinator, Glenn Schumann, in high school, and that’s a no doubter, too.” 

Denny Duron, Evangel Christian – “1, Colorado, same as everyone else on the Prime Time bandwagon. 2, Louisiana Tech, I played there. 3, LSU, I’m a Louisiana boy. 4, Alabama, because I love ‘The Coach.’ “ 

James Bradford Jr., Green Oaks – “LSU is the top tier school for the state. Louisiana Tech since I have many former players on their current roster. Northwestern State is my alma mater.

“Colorado because Coach Prime is doing some amazing things in a short period. Grambling, since I have a strong family tradition of GSU graduates.”