Local prep coaches take a look ahead at the NFL season


Football is here, finally. That brings back another Shreveport-Bossier Journal weekly feature from last season – the Coaches’ Roundtable. We ask the local head coaches questions that are far-ranging, and we get some great responses.

This season’s opener:  The Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans or New Orleans Saints – which area NFL team will have the best season, and why?

Some coaches went with their hearts. Some went with their heads. And trust us, more than one are Pittsburgh Steelers fans, although just one said so right up front.

In the least surprising answer, one stayed true to his school, basing his pick on its most prominent alumnus in the NFL. Of course he did!

Jason Brotherton, Haughton – “The Dallas Cowboys, because they have a Buccaneer leading the way!”

Dak Prescott is universally admired, and justifiably so, around here. However, there’s a strong discord between Cowboys fans and Dallas haters. That came through a bit in this week’s responses.

Clint Walker, Plain Dealing – “Being from Louisiana, I would hope the Saints do well this year. It’s always good to see an in-state professional team do well. But I think the Dallas Cowboys are the team to watch this year. They have made some interesting pickups that could pay off this season.”

Rodney Guin, Calvary Baptist – “It’s the Cowboys. They have the best talent and a proven coach.”

Reynolds Moore, Benton – ”Man, that’s tough. I’m a pretty big Cowboys hater, so I’m a little biased. Let’s go with the Saints even though it’ll probably be the Cowgirls.”

Chase Thompson, North Caddo – “The New Orleans Saints will be the best area team this year. Derek Carr is going to bring some much needed consistency to the QB room. The defense is going to be improved as well.”

James Bradford Jr., Green Oaks – “The Dallas Cowboys will have the best season. Why? First, because that’s my team — and also, Jerry made moves this offseason that should allow the offense to prosper.”

Austin Brown, Northwood – “The Dallas Cowboys! It’s our year! My boys won’t let me down this year!”

Adam Kirby, Captain Shreve – “The New Orleans Saints will have the best season. They have a core group of returning offensive linemen, Derek Carr has a chip on his shoulder and the defense is going to be strong with Demario Davis back.”

Thedrick Harris, Woodlawn — “The Cowboys will have the best season because of the depth and experience they have, as well as picking up good off-season acquisitions.”

Justin Scogin, Airline – “I think the Cowboys are equipped to be the best team. Proven QB, really good WR in CeeDee Lamb and some guys up front. Not to mention Trevon Diggs and arguably the best player in the league with Micah Parsons. Really excited to watch Derek Carr in New Orleans and more so C.J. Stroud with the Texans.”

Coy Brotherton, Parkway – “I grew up a Bears fan, when they were good, but now we are Cowboys fans. My six-year-old Broox loves them and Dak, and it’s fun pulling for all the local kids they have.”

Gary Cooper, BTW – “Neither!! I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan!!! But if I had to choose one, I would choose the Saints just because they’re in state.”

Denny Duron, Evangel Christian – “I would be bluffing if I answered any question about the NFL. I rarely watch it, am absolutely not familiar with the rosters or stats and probably won’t engage until the AFC and NFC championships. Over the last several years, I’ve just not had the time or the patience to sit through long NFL games. I really am an avid college football guy.”