BPSO deputy recognized for heroic lifesaving efforts

Deputy Casey Bragg of the Bossier Sheriff’s Office demonstrated remarkable courage and quick thinking as he performed lifesaving measures on Captain Todd Hylbert of the Bossier City Police Department. The incident took place at a local Bossier City restaurant on May 26, where Deputy Bragg’s actions played a pivotal role in saving Captain Hylbert’s life.

On the evening of May 26, Deputy Casey Bragg was enjoying dinner at a Bossier City restaurant at a “going away” party with a group of law enforcement officers when a sudden medical emergency unfolded before his eyes. Captain Todd Hylbert, a respected member of the Bossier City Police Department, had suddenly collapsed, showing signs of severe distress. Without hesitation, Deputy Bragg sprang into action, recognizing the urgency of the situation.

Drawing from his extensive training and experience as a law enforcement officer, Deputy Bragg immediately assessed Captain Hylbert’s condition and determined that he required immediate lifesaving interventions. Deputy Bragg began performing chest compressions to maintain blood circulation and initiated rescue breathing to provide vital oxygen to Captain Hylbert’s lungs.

Thanks to Deputy Bragg’s swift and expert actions, Captain Hylbert’s condition stabilized before the arrival of emergency medical services but then worsened after the initial stabilization. Bossier City Fire Department personnel were forced to administer life saving measures on Captain Hylbert prior to him being transported to the hospital. The decisive application of lifesaving techniques by Deputy Bragg and the Bossier City Fire Department contributed significantly to Captain Hylbert’s survival during this critical time.

Upon being transported to the hospital, Captain Hylbert received further medical attention, and he is now on the road to recovery. The law enforcement community and the community in general are profoundly grateful for Deputy Bragg’s selfless and heroic efforts, which undoubtedly made a lifesaving difference in this harrowing incident.

Sheriff Julian Whittington, along with the entire Bossier Sheriff’s Office, commends Deputy Bragg for his exceptional response and his unwavering dedication to the safety and well-being of others. Sheriff Whittington stated, “Deputy Bragg’s heroic actions exemplify the highest standards of our law enforcement profession. His quick thinking and expert execution of lifesaving measures were instrumental in saving Captain Hylbert’s life. We are proud to have Deputy Bragg as part of our team, and his bravery serves as an inspiration to us all.”

In recognition of his extraordinary efforts, Deputy Bragg was honored at a ceremony at the Bossier Parish Courthouse where he was presented the Star of Valor award for his life-saving actions by Sheriff Whittington.

The Bossier Sheriff’s Office encourages everyone to recognize the importance of CPR and basic lifesaving techniques, as demonstrated by Deputy Bragg. These vital skills can truly make a difference in emergencies and contribute to saving lives.