Fire District #2: Said YES to the tax

Voters in South Bossier Fire District #2 have said yes to a 3.5-mill tax increase dedicated to upgrading equipment and meeting needs of a department tasked to provide protection for roughly 7,000 residents in the rural area.

Final tally from Tuesday’s election shows the millage hike received approval from 59 percent of the district’s voters. District 2 covers approximately 155 square miles from Sligo Rd. south to the Bossier-Red River Parish line.

“We genuinely appreciate the people for their support and confidence in us,” said Chief Ryan Foster. “With their approval, we will now have the means to continue giving them the protection they deserve.”

Foster said money generated from the millage will be used to replace aging equipment plus update much of the district’s emergency gear.

“We are ready to begin filling the immediate needs of our department, but we’re also making long-range plans to accommodate the future of our district,” he said. “This millage is certainly going to help and we’re making sure this money will be spent wisely. Thanks to the people of district two, we can get started.”