Q&A with Rodney Guin, head coach, Calvary Baptist Academy

By LEE BRECHEEN, Louisiana Football Magazine

Rodney Guin is one of the most successful coaches not only in Shreveport-Bossier, but also around the state. After a great run at Haughton, and surviving a life-threatening heart attack, he returned to coaching at Calvary Baptist and has elevated an already successful program.

Tell us about your high school and college days.

GUIN: I went to Grawood Christian High School. I graduated in 1978. It closed in 2004. It was located in Keithville. I tell kids all the time back when I went to high school we had even more private schools, I think as many as 10 private schools in Shreveport-Bossier, compared to today. 

I went to college in Shreveport at Baptist Christian College and graduated in 1983. Two coaches who became very successful, John Bachman and Jim Gatlin, were in college the same time I was at Baptist Christian College.

Give us your take on where Calvary stands at this point of the season.

GUIN:  We are 6-2. I think playing two Class 5A teams early — we lost both of those in non-district play — prepared us and made us better.

How big were your jamboree game and preseason scrimmage?

GUIN:  We scrimmaged a really good Ouachita Christian team and then in the jamboree we played a great program in Union Parish. Both games prepared us really well for what’s to come down the road.

What’s the leadership like on this year’s Calvary team? 

GUIN: Our defense has played great all year. We are led by senior LB Cade Bedgood, a tough kid and leader, and an all-around athlete, Hutch Grace, and another versatile athlete, Landon Sylvie. They set the tone for us. On offense, I would say senior lineman Jordan Byrd is a big-time leader for us. We are young this year but gifted in the skill spots. We only have three senior starters out of our 11 seniors on the team.

No question, you have an excellent staff. Tell us about them.

GUIN: I don’t want to single out one man. We have a great staff mix of full-time coaches with some CCP coaches. I am really happy and blessed with our group of coaches.

Looking at the teams you have played, who sticks out talent-wise?

GUIN: We have played some talented teams with talented players. North Caddo has three great players, starting with Omarion Miller, their WR/DB. He’s an incredible athlete and competitor, a real WOW guy in anybody’s book.  Logansport has a WR and a QB who are incredible players. Captain Shreve has the (Marquez) Stevenson kid, who stands 6-3 and runs like a deer at WR. He’s a good player and their QB can really run and throw it. All the smaller schools also have some great players.

There is an incredible amount of QB talent in Shreveport-Bossier this year. What are your thoughts?

GUIN: It’s fun to watch as a coach. Most of these quarterbacks in our area are seniors with tons of experience, too, to add to their talent.

You led Calvary Baptist to a 2020 state championship, so I suppose that’s the standard, but there’s a tradition of success there. How do you compare this year’s team with past teams at Calvary?

GUIN: This team is not a whole lot different than that championship team overall. I would say we are stronger on the offensive line compared to the 2020 team and we have more skill talent than that team. We have a lot of depth in the skill spots. I also feel like we have three running backs who could all start for anyone in Louisiana. All three are great players for us.

What are your thoughts on the coaches in the area?

GUIN:  We have I think a bunch of young talented coaches in Shreveport-Bossier. In the old days I remember maybe two or three teams could consistently win big. Now you have nine or 10 programs with coaches and talent every year. There are a lot of well-coached programs.

What is your take on having the state championships all back in one place, this December in the Superdome?

GUIN: I like having all the games in one place. It will be nice to see everyone back together there in New Orleans.

Have you talked lately to your former QB at Haughton, Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys QB?

GUIN:  I have talked to Dak, and we stay in touch. Good to see him back on the field; that makes it more fun for us. We go to all the Sunday games in Dallas to support Dak and the Cowboys. We only miss if it’s a Monday night game because of our high school schedule with football and school.

Tell us about your family. 

GUIN: This is my 40th year in coaching. It’s also my 40th year to be married to my wife, Tracy. I have two daughters, Maggie and Mallory. I also have grandkids. My family has been a part of my football life in coaching my whole tenure. They are a part of everything we do. I am blessed with my family, and I am blessed to be where I am now and enjoying it. 

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