Most-famous Furr? Tour player Wilson, Bieber-backed Prentiss back each other

TOTTENHAM, Ontario — Wilson Furr is only 24, but he already owns a strong golf resume. The former University of Alabama star played in last year’s U.S. Open, was a member of the 2016 United States’ Junior Ryder Cup team and is currently playing on PGA Tour Canada.

However, the oldest of Bill and Denise Furr’s three children may have already lost the title of the most-famous Furr.

In fact, he’s fast-becoming known as “Prentiss’ brother.”

Wilson’s brother, Prentiss, is just 15 years old, but is a musical prodigy who has already been endorsed by superstars like Justin Bieber, Skrillex and Meghan Trainor.

While Wilson aims to play in this week’s Ontario Open, Prentiss will deliver a Saturday night set at one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Lollapalooza, in Chicago. Later this summer, he’s playing in the Rose Bowl.

“It’s pretty wild,” said Wilson, who also has a sister, 21-year-old Hartwell.

On any given day, Wilson will learn his brother is working on a collab with a mega-star or the family home in Jackson, Miss., is being visited by Rolling Stone magazine.

“Watching Wilson’s golf career was so different,” Denise Furr said. “It was a slow learn but I had mothers like Beth Burns (Sam’s mom) to show me the ropes. Music is completely different — everything is out of right field. It’s so opinionated; there is not a score. It was like, ‘People really like Prentiss’ music and the New York Times is flying in.’”

Next week, it’s L.A. to meet with Interscope records and to film a music video.

“It’s become a little too normal,” Wilson Furr said. “It’s become a running joke — it’s always crazier than the last week.”

Then 13-year-old Prentiss’ big break came after the release of October. He’s since delivered a multitude of hits he crafted in his home.

“I was about to go to a date party in college,” Wilson said. “It was 9 p.m., I was about to leave and I looked at Twitter and saw a headline on a Barstool tweet that said, ‘13-year-old can rap.’ I was thinking, ‘I don’t think I’ve had too much to drink, that’s (Prentiss).’

“He had no idea. I FaceTimed him and he was doing math homework.”

Said Denise Furr: “Wilson told us, ‘He’s about to blow up.’ I almost didn’t believe it. Then we had our lawyer call and ask, ‘Why is Justin Bieber promoting Prentiss?’ We said, ‘We have no idea.’

“The creative minds know other talent and they are so supportive — no matter your age or color or wherever you’re from.”

Like many upstart musicians, there have been doubters in the family.

Wilson describes his grandparents as “old South.” Getting behind a young teenager trying to become a music star seemed far-fetched, even “trouble.”

However, the grandparents never miss an Ole Miss game. At the 2020 Egg Bowl (the Rebels’ annual clash with rival Mississippi State), October suddenly blared inside Vaught–Hemingway Stadium.

“It dawned on them at that moment,” Wilson said. “Prentiss is famous.”

Although Prentiss could be the next Bieber, he still looks up to his big brother.

“We are more alike than you’d think,” Prentiss told The Journal. “I still look at him as just an older version of me.

“Golf and music require a ton of mental strength and time. I grew up watching him spend every day on the golf course, most of what he was thinking about was golf and he gave his whole life to it. I took that mentally going into music because I knew it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have to give my time and energy to it and never let one fall or one bad thing stop me from the bigger picture.”

As two careers rise, Prentiss had a great idea of how to celebrate in the future. He recently took up golf and has his eyes on the biggest PGA Tour event that combines a professional with one amateur partner and is played at iconic Pebble Beach Golf Links.

“Prentiss came to me and says, ‘Let’s team up in the AT&T National Pro-Am,’” Wilson recalled. “I said, ‘Yeah, dude, that would be sick.’ But then he said, ‘But, yeah, you have to get your (stuff) together.’

“The more I thought about it, he’s right. He’s probably closer to getting invited as a celebrity than I am qualifying as a pro.”

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