SPOTLIGHT:  Pilots overpowering opponents in near-perfect season

PILOT MAKES A POINT: Brad Neffendorf has had more struggles with the umpires than with opponents this season as his LSUS baseball team has been dominant. 


The scariest part of the 35-3 record for the LSUS baseball team is that it could … actually … possibly … be better?

The first loss came in a game in which the Pilots led 6-4 going into the final inning. The second loss was in a game LSUS led 3-2 entering the bottom of the seventh. The latest loss was a one-run defeat in which the Pilots “didn’t execute in areas that we feel like we are normally pretty efficient in,” according to head coach Brad Neffendorf. (Translation: mental mistakes.)

But before you let 38-0 enter your mind, Neffendorf is quick to add, “but it could be the other way too. We had some close games that we pulled out.”


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