Restaurants Near Me: Fat Calf Brasserie delivers great food, service and overall dining experience

Price: $8 – $33

Fat Cafe Brasserie, in the Highland community of Shreveport, offers French-inspired Southern cuisine with an intimate dining environment. The menu changes with the seasons and the kitchen sources local ingredients.

According to its website, “Our goal at Fat Calf Brasserie is to create a welcoming neighborhood establishment with food that warms your soul and an atmosphere that makes you feel right at home when you walk through our doors.”

This restaurant does not disappoint, but do be aware that parking will be a bit tricky as the restaurant’s lot is small and the restaurant itself, popular. Located right on the corner of Kings Highway and Creswell Avenue, you’d expect loud noise as you wine and dine so close to an intersection. However, as you step into the covered patio with heat lamps, or inside the cozy dining area, you feel transported to a calmer place. The only noise is the buzz of conversations and the clink of glasses.

An old friend gave assurances that the best luck comes with getting the right waiter, Brandon to be exact. He’s even been recognized by a local magazine as one of the best in the city when it comes to customer service and fixing a good drink. Friendly and helpful, Brandon was ready to suggest a mocktail or cocktail. The mocktail “The Hollywood” features fresh lime juice, apple cider, ginger beer and house made spiced Demerara. This gives kids and those who wish to abstain from alcohol a flavorful choice beyond sodas and sweet tea.

For those who wish to imbibe, there is a local beer selection and specialty cocktails. The “Belle de Jour” is perfection with cinnamon tequila, grapefruit cordial, aperol, sparkling brut and soda.

So great service, delicious drinks, but wait! It only gets better once the food is served. Each appetizer, soup, salad, entree and dessert is thought out. Get ready to try new things with unique ingredients and flavor profiles. Read through the menu and your mouth will begin to water.

As fancy as everything is, there’s a burger on the menu, and boy is it fancy too. This bacon cheeseburger is made with Akuashi Wagyu beef, Apple smoked bacon, and aged cheddar. A Brioche bun tops it off. The 6 oz. steak is smothered in a cognac and green peppercorn creme. Even the kids have great options to choose from with Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and a slider. To top everything off, the herb & sea salt fries are crispy perfection to pair with any dish.

The crispy Brussel sprout appetizer came highly recommended. The general idea is that anyone who doesn’t normally like this vegetable will fall in love with these flash fried sprouts that have been tossed in house-made Korean vinaigrette and served with golden raisin, pumpkin seeds and Maldon salt.

Hungry yet? Plan a memorable dining experience at Fat Calf Brasserie.

3030 Creswell Avenue
Shreveport, Louisiana
Tuesday -Saturday; 4pm – 9pm