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The SBJ’s mission is to provide local sports and information in real time, along with entertaining, thoughtful opinions and spotlight features. We will profile local sports and news figures. You’ll get updates on community activities, but we’ll leave daily coverage of “hard news” to the dozens of other outlets. Along with sports, we will report on the local restaurant scene, providing access to that insight along with a convenient, ever-growing list of local eateries, their websites and contact information.

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We are committed to providing top quality content to keep you current on Shreveport-Bossier. With local sports coverage by media eroded by corporate decisions, we are going to fill the void and shine the spotlight on Caddo and Bossier parishes. We will cover college sports in north Louisiana, and we will keep an eye on LSU, and pro sports of local interest.

Our content team is locally based with people who know what matters in your neighborhood and your community. We are proud our writers’ roster is anchored by folks you’ve enjoyed and appreciated for years in Shreveport-Bossier.

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