Halloween costumes and escapades then and now – or not


What did you wear for Halloween? What did you see people wearing? 

What about when you were little? Or maybe, when you were in high school?

Was Halloween just not a thing for you back then? How about now?

All of those questions and more, answered below by some of our local high school football coaches in the Week 10 edition of the Shreveport-Bossier Journal Coaches’ Roundtable.

There are treats, and a trick or two.  

RODNEY GUIN, Calvary – “Growing up, I was always some type of sports figure.  

“Now I’m the grinch of Halloween.  We go out to eat until the madness is over.”

AUSTIN BROWN, Northwood – “I don’t really remember back when I was little, but my wife and I were Blake Shelton and Gwen Steffani last night. I didn’t have to change anything. She did buy an outfit!” 

REYNOLDS MOORE, Benton – “I can’t remember much from when I was too young, but in high school we put on a haunted house at our high school, and I thought the ‘Scream’ mask (from the movie) with fake blood running down it was cool. 

“We don’t do much for Halloween now. When my kids were younger and we first moved to Alexandria, I took turns dressing up with them for a year each. Now we just give out candy like normal folks.” 

ADAM KIRBY, Captain Shreve – “I love Halloween! Candy and costumes – how does it get better than that? ! I really enjoy it more now than ever because I can watch Everett and Jackson enjoy it, so as a father, it’s an awesome time of year!”

MIKE GREENE, Loyola – “We would get a Jason mask and just scare the little kids in the neighborhood! All in fun. But we also would get a fishing line and tie it to an old purse and put it in the middle of the road — you would be surprised at how many people stopped! 

“When they bent down to get it, we would jerk it and jump out of the ditch and scare them! Not a good idea nowadays.  But we had no phones or computer games, and we made our fun.

“I had a blast as a kid. Today’s kids have no idea how fun it is to create things to do!  

“We used to have to make costumes. My mother’s sheets usually had two holes in them for our eye holes. We put the holes on the bottom of the bed, and it usually took three days for her to find the holes!  I loved Halloween.”

CHASE THOMPSON, North Caddo – “I don’t get into the Halloween spirit much anymore but as a kid, I was SpongeBob three years in a row!”

COY (younger brother) BROTHERTON, Parkway – “As a kid I always seemed to be a coach or a player.  We didn’t live in a neighborhood, so some years I was nothing.  

“Nowadays I spend Halloween with the kids.  I don’t dress up, but the kids do.  Blair and her friends are Dalmatians this year and Broox is a coach or Dak Prescott for the fourth straight year.” 

JASON (older brother) BROTHERTON, Haughton – “I think I was a football player every year. I’m not a big Halloween guy. Seems like a fake holiday to me!”

GARY SMITH, Bossier – “My favorite costume was being Randy White in a Dallas Cowboys’ uniform.”