Shreveport storm debris collections continue

The Contractor hired by the City of Shreveport to pick up the storm debris left behind after the massive June 16 windstorm will finish their first pass through the City later this week.

City officials originally had hoped that the first pass would be completed by the end of July, but there was much more storm debris than had been originally estimated. The original very rough estimate was 100,000 cubic yards of debris. As of July 29, 126,801 cubic yards had been collected, with some areas of the City not yet complete.

CERES Environmental, the City’s contractor, expects to begin a second pass through the City on Friday, Aug. 4. Residents who have yet to bring their items to the curb are asked to do so as soon as possible, so that they can be collected using the specialized equipment that CERES and its subcontractors are using. It will likely take CERES two to three weeks to complete its second trip through the City. All waste should be collected before the end of August.

The added volume will result in higher costs to the City than originally hoped, but the State is still paying 75% of the cost. The City’s share of the total cost will depend on the final volume of collections, but is now expected to be approximately $800,000.