Kentucky Derby winner keys massive profit that spills over 50 units for 2023

By ROY LANG III, Journal Sports

One of the coolest things I’ve done over the past couple of years is purchase shares of a few racehorses through MyRacehorse. Groups like that give you the ability to buy microshares of thoroughbreds – to get in the game and experience the thrill of owning horses without the massive outlay.

The option was available (through a different group) to purchase shares of this year’s Kentucky Derby winner Mage. Some locals had a stake in the horse, and they can now say they own a Derby winner. I didn’t have that horse, but it didn’t stop me from making some sizable change on Mage’s nose. We gave you an across-the-board ticket and hopefully you cashed, too!

That, paired with another winning week on the links, sent our profit for 2023 to a yearly high – more than 50 units. Combined with last year’s 100-unit haul, we boast a staggering record. Maybe another 100-unit year wasn’t an unthinkable goal after all.

Let’s stay focused. The PGA Tour event in Dallas is a big pile of nothing in terms of value. A bad field and worse odds.

However, we have some plays for the DP World Tour and LIV golf. Let’s keep this train a chuggin’!


All bets are measured in units. For instance, if your normal bet on a game is $100, that is one unit. If the bet is listed as .2 units, it’s a $20 bet.

Best line (as of Tuesday) is listed in parenthesis. Find the best price — one key to being a successful sports bettor! Shop around! Remember this is a VALUE-based system, so don’t settle for a price significantly less than the one listed. And jump on better prices!

Sportsbook legend

CAE: Caesar’s

FD: Fan Duel


DK: DraftKings

BS: Barstool

BR: BetRivers 


Last week: +18.1 units

2023 season: +50.6 units

2023 ROI: 61.4 percent

2022 season: +101 units 



Soudal Open

Win bet

Jason Scrivener, .1 units, +10000 (MGM) 

Top 20 bets

Angel Hidalgo, .5 units, +700 (FD)

Bryce Easton, .4 units, +700 (FD)

Jens Dantorp, .3 units, +550 (FD)

Thomas Aiken, .2 units, +900 (FD)

Soren Kjeldsen, .2 units, +900 (DK)

Yeongsu Kim, .2 units, +1100 (FD)

Darius Van Driel, .2 units, +750 (FD)

Manu Gandas, .2 units, +2500 (DK) 

LIV Golf 

LIV Tulsa

Win bets

David Puig, .1 unit, +50000 (DK)

Kevin Na, .1 unit, +7050 (FD) 

Top 10

Dean Burmester, .9 units, +300 (DK)

Graeme McDowell, .5 units, +1200 (CAE)

David Puig, .5 units, +1400 (CAE/DK)

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