We’re betting the Magical Kenya Open, oh, and The Players

By ROY LANG III, Journal Sports

Once again the Locks VIPs rocked their bookmakers. 

As you’ve probably read here before, since this publishes Wednesday morning, many of the valuable golf lines have been nuked (they normally are revealed Monday) by the time this hits the internet. However, that doesn’t stop the VIPs from getting the juicy stuff in real time Monday.

Last week, Nico Echavarria was on the VIP list for the PGA Tour event in Puerto Rico. By the time Tuesday rolled around, his 150-1 number had disappeared. The Colombian rolled to victory and made our most loyal friends happy.

Unfortunately, that hit, like the early bird picks in the past, isn’t reflected in the official Locks numbers, but we’re still up more than 43 units and March has just begun.

VIPs like MattySue, DC, Coach K and Brooksie scored the big ticket, but “The Brothers” did the unthinkable. In addition to the 150-1 bomb, against my advice (I don’t recommend parlays), a top-20 parlay was created, and cashed.

Local sportsbooks on the boats must simply chuckle when The Brothers walk in to wager on golf. Legend status has been attained quickly.

A lot of the value at this week’s Players Championship was picked over by the sharps Monday, but we have a couple of plays. A few selections still live for the DP World Tour event with the greatest name of any golf tournament – the Magical Kenya Open.

And you thought Poulan Weed-Eater Independence Bowl was good.

Good luck.


All bets are measured in units. For instance, if your normal bet on a game is $100, that is one unit. If the bet is listed as .2 units, it’s a $20 bet.

Best line (as of Tuesday) is listed in parenthesis. Find the best price — one key to being a successful sports bettor! Shop around! Remember this is a VALUE-based system, so don’t settle for a price significantly less than the one listed. And jump on better prices!

Sportsbook legend

CAE: Caesar’s

FD: Fan Duel


DK: DraftKings

BS: Barstool

BR: BetRivers


Last week: -.2 units

2023 season: +43 units

2023 ROI: 83 percent

2022 season: +101 units



The Players Championship

Win bet

Matt Kuchar, .1 unit, +15000 (MGM)

Top 20 bets

Greyson Sigg, .2 units, +1200 (DK)


Magical Kenya Open

Win bets

Adrian Otaegui, .1 unit, +2850 (MGM)

Connor Syme, .1 unit, +5450 (MGM)

Maximilian Kieffer, .1 unit, +6550 (MGM)

Kristian Krogh Johannessen, .1 unit, +9900 (MGM)

Top 20 bets

Alfredo Garcia-Heredia, .8 units, +500 (BS/BR)

Gary Hurley, .5 units, +1800 (BS/BR)

Matthew Baldwin, .4 units, +450 (DK)

Ricardo Gouveia, .3 units, +700 (BS/BR)

John Axelsen, .3 units, +1100 (BS/BR)

Borja Virto, .2 units, +1100 (BS/BR) 

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