Q&A with Plain Dealing coach Clint Walker

By LEE BRECHEEN, Louisiana Football Magazine

Coach, how are you today?

Coach Walker: Lee, I am good, plugging along and hanging in there after 23 years of coaching.

How is the season going so far for Plain Dealing?

Coach Walker: We are currently 0-6 on the season. It’s a challenge every week with low numbers and everything. Having some injuries right now; it’s hard with injuries but with our low numbers we’re still able to put players on the field.

Tell me about some of the leaders of your team.

Coach Walker: We have OL/DL Jayden Gay, QB Josh Miller, athlete Dakavious Hogan, RB Jayden Ray, TE Eli James, senior C and LB Reagan Foster and RB Aaron Reddix. All these kids have made all their summer workouts and been to every practice this year. It’s our core group of kids week in and week out. Hopefully we can win a game before the season ends to reward these great hard-working young men who mean so much to this program.

Let’s talk about your coaching staff.

Coach Walker: We have a unique coaching staff because all our coaches coach both sides of the football with the team year around. We have our film guy who does everything, coach Duke Pinter; coach Clark Coyle, WR/DB coach Sean Koeppen, offensive and defensive line coach Wade Bounds, RB and linebackers coach Bijan Mitchell, and defensive coordinator Brian Morrow.

Tell me about your coaching start.

Coach Walker: I started as a freshman coach under Mike Suggs at Byrd High School. I learned a lot from offensive line coach Mike Desadier; he helped me a lot with the game at a young age. Also a lot of my former coaches at Northwood who coached me were at Byrd at the time. I was a product of coach Jerry Burton.

Where did you go to high school?

Coach Walker: I graduated from Northwood in 1995. A lot of great coaches taught me work ethic there, including my coach Jerry Burton. Also learned a lot from coaches like Lynn Mitchell and also coach Ray Doyle, who was the former head coach at Parkway in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Who are some of the best players to ever come out of Plain Dealing over the years?

Coach Walker: I’ve been here only two years but I would say it’s Kendrick Carper, who went on to Texas A&M and started and had a nice career there. I do remember 12 years ago or so the program was really competitive on the field and had a lot of talent. Right now, we just have Class C numbers for players to compete right now.

Talk about the schedule you play this year at Plain Dealing.

Coach Walker: It was tough playing Delta Charter Week 1, a very disciplined team. Defense is tough for us because we have low numbers. We don’t have guys leave the field at all. Against Lincoln Prep, we left a lot of points off the scoreboard and competed well. Ringgold, we had opportunities to win — we had two touchdowns called back and lost in OT. We play our kids with no rest. They play all three facets of the game — offense, defense and special teams — the same kids.

Are you more of a defensive or offensive coach?

Coach Walker: I think more of an offensive coach. My dad was an offensive coach. My dad was a principal of Southwood a few years ago.

Who is the most talented team you faced this year?

Coach Walker: Homer is big-time athletic, and Haynesville is well coached with David Franklin. Glenbrook, we haven’t played them yet but they also do a great job under head coach David Feaster.

Anything you’d like to see change with colleges when it comes to recruiting?

Coach Walker: I think in this era, the colleges don’t visit as much as they used to, because of technology. I wish that would change.

Where did you go to college?

Coach Walker: I am a graduate of Northwestern State in 2000.

Would you like to give a shout out to any family?

Coach Walker: My parents have been very supportive and both parents were teachers, so they understand the daily life of being an educator and coach. I was always told if you do your job, always do it with the best of your ability. I would also like to thank my principal at Plain Dealing, Sandriana Isebaert, for being very supportive in my first year as head coach of Plain Dealing High School. Also thanks to former head coach of Bossier High School Michael Concilio, who is now coaching at Parkway with head coach Coy Brotherton, for being supportive in the coaching profession.

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