Coaches get lot of advice, but what sticks with them?


Each week this fall the Shreveport-Bossier Journal will feature a question we ask all the local high school football coaches. Their answers will run each Wednesday.

This week’s question:

What is the best coaching advice you’ve ever received?

Austin Brown, Northwood High School

“If you’re coaching on Friday, then you didn’t do your job during the week. You’re either coaching it, or you’re letting it happen.”

Justin Scogin, Airline High School

“Always do your job while you’re there. Be like a rubber ball and bounce back.”

Mike Greene, Loyola

“If a kid does not do the work in the classroom and you have to constantly worry about his grades. he’s not going to work on football at some point,  and he’s going to shut down on you.”

Jason Brotherton, Haughton High School

“From (Calvary coach, former Haughton coach) Rodney Guin: ‘The only friends you have share an office with you.’”

Reynolds Moore, Benton High School

“Leave it at the door. Win or lose, leave it at the door before you walk in your house (great advice from former Duke and Ole Miss coach David Cutcliffe).”

Coy Brotherton, Parkway High School

“Every day you go to work, you leave an impact on something and someone.”

Chadwick Lewis, Green Oaks High School

“Be patient with yourself and the players. Things won’t change overnight.”

Jesse Esters III, Southwood High School

“Respect and protect each child better, even, than you would your own.”

Clint Walker, Plain Dealing

“Three things happen when you throw the ball and two of them are bad (legendary Texas coach Darrell Royal).”