Lake Bistineau: Access to the lake

Lake Bistineau water levels are beginning to show the effect of a drawdown scheduled by the Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) which began in late July, but boating enthusiasts and sportsmen can still access the lake for recreation, hunting, and fishing.

At the Bossier Parish Camp on the southern end of the lake, access is still available at the Bossier Parish Camp public boat launch. Once the water reaches the LDWF desired level of eight feet below the pool stage, Parish Camp’s launch will still be a site for access.

Other areas that will offer access to the lake during the lowest water levels include the Port of Bistineau launch, Grices, and Bayou Dorcheat public launch at Dixie Inn.

LDWF officials said the purpose of the drawdown is to reduce the further expansion of giant Salvinia infesting the lake. Additionally, the drawdown will benefit fisheries production by improving aquatic habitat and reducing the amount of organic matter on the lake bottom, officials said.

Boaters are advised to use caution during the low water period. Boat lanes will not provide normal clearance of underwater obstructions.